Get the Free Webscorer app

How to follow LIVE results with the FREE Webscorer results app:
  1. On your iOS device, tap the “App Store” icon
    On your Android device, tap the “Google Play” icon
  2. Search for “Webscorer” & tap to install the Webscorer app
  3. Open the Webscorer app
  4. Tap “Download races” / “Recent results”
  5. If you can’t see your race on the list:
    • Race with LIVE results will appear only after the race has started
    • The page will auto-refresh so you can wait for the race to appear
    • You can use the “Race filters” to narrow down the list by sport, location etc.
  6. Once you find your race, tap the race name
    • Tap “View preliminary results” for finish times
    • Tap “View splits” for split times in a race with laps
    • The results page will auto-refresh every 30 seconds so you can wait for the racers & times to appear

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